Charli XCX and Bladee Reinvent Music on Surprise Collab “Drama”

Carter Fife

Across the sands of time, there have been famous collaborations that have forever altered the landscape of our cultural canon. Joining the ranks of innovators like Edison, Ford, and Jobs today, are Charli XCX, Bladee, and Mechatok with their newest release “Drama”. Though released last year on Bladee and Mechatok’s collaborative record Good Luck, today pop icon Charli XCX has graced fans by hopping on the remix, deliver a serious song of the year contender. If you’re unfamiliar with any of these artists – now is the perfect time to become a fan.

“Drama” sees Charli XCX, Bladee, and Mechatok synthesizing their hyper pop/cloud rap styles into something entirely new. With Mechatok’s booming mix full of thundering bass signals and dulcet synth melodies, Charli XCX and Bladee redefine the very fabric of modern music with their futuristic and polished electro-pop vocals. Is this the best Charli XCX/Bladee track since “Unlock It”/”Mallwhore Freestyle”? The answer is perhaps yet to be seen, but if history has taught us anything, we know it unwise to bet against these two. If you have a hankering for more eclectic and innovative pop bangers, worry not – both the Charli XCX and Drain Gang discographies are extensive, leaving plenty of material to review before Bladee and Charli collab again.

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