Gabrielle Current Shares Her Newest Smooth Listen, “If I Fall”

Seba Cowsill

LA-based artist Gabrielle Current continues to blow us away this year, this time with her new single “If I Fall." She returns with familiar elements that make her music so great, with smooth instrumentals, great lyricism, and her amazing voice.

This R&B heavy track is such a smooth listen, pleasing to the ears of anyone who gives it a chance. Her voice just instantly draws you in, with such a lush, smooth, almost silky vocal performance. That paired with the impressive instrumental arrangement, with the addition of some slapping, jazzy bass, simple but present drum beats, beautiful keys, and glistening, clean guitar melodies, all contribute to one sinking deeper into the warmth of the song.

In this already impressive package comes the maturity of her songwriting that deserves mention too. Through this song, she writes about her recent experience of loss, noting the liberation and self-worth gained through the entire thing. This is yet another mature point of view Gabrielle is writing from this year, showing how far she’s come in her writing abilities, both in skill and comfort.

Gabrielle Current’s entire catalog is an instant attraction to anyone, with this song being no exception. It’s beautiful, memorable, and unique. I can only hope Gabrielle will make as quick of a turnaround with her next single or piece of art as she did between this song and her last, but will undoubtedly be listening to this on repeat until then.

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