Gaff Has Tuesday Feeling Like a Friday in New Indie-Daydream Single

Perry Avgerinos

Our favorite Ireland boy, Gaff makes his 2021 return, all while confusing his entire fanbase on what day of the week it is, and what the time difference is from EST to Irish Standard Time. All jokes aside, "Friday on a Tuesday" sees Gaff picking up right where his momentum left off, blessing our ears with his classic honeyed indie-alt vibrations.

Fusing sunset guitar chords, with his bouncy 808 drum work, Gaff meticulously crafts another standout track to his already impressive discography. Written, produced, and sang by the talented young star himself, Gaff effortlessly fuses elements of hip hop, indie, and alternative, with his addicting, distinctive vocal tone riding the waves of his production like a pro surfer. With spring in full effect, Gaff embodied the liberating feeling of a warm Friday afternoon into a single track – facilitating an escape to this feeling with a simple press of the play button.

With the consistency of Gaff's sound on every single drop, it's only a matter of time before he's opening for some of the industry's biggest names. There really isn't an artist that directly compares to all that Gaff has to offer, and his music is simply an addiction. This was a easy summer playlist add in my book, but let Gaff do the convincing below.

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