'CHASING HARMONY' Brilliantly Displays 347aidan’s Off-Kilter Artistry through Raw Vocals and Experimental Production [EP Review]

Nate Fenningdorf

347aidan’s much anticipated EP, CHASING HARMONY, delivered numerous unforgettable songs and cemented the rising artist as a consistent hitmaker. The 18-year-old artist doubled down on his unique, DIY sound that has led to mainstream success, while adding new musical elements that make this EP stand out from his past releases.

It’s not easy for artists to overcome the crushing pressure that fans and music executives put on an artist after blowing up with a breakout single. With his new EP, 347aidan has defeated that pressure. So far, CHASING HARMONY has racked up over 26 million streams and “Memories,” the sixth song on the EP, has surpassed “Dancing in my Room” as Aidan’s most popular song on Spotify right now. We have always known that 347aidan was more than a one hit wonder – CHASING HARMONY proves this notion.

The EP begins with the song “HARMONY,” an intimate song with catchy melodies and an enchanting guitar riff that draws in listeners from the start. As the song progresses, energy builds up through distorted guitars and wide-panned vocals, engaging listeners through the entirety of the song.

The next track on CHASING HARMONY is “what i think about,” an honest, emotional song that emits a refreshing nostalgia that is hard to find in music today. While the song is relatively unpolished, it is a perfect break between the more intense tracks of “Harmony” and “IDONTWANNATALKTOYOU!.”

“IDONTWANNATALKTOYOU!” is an upbeat song that features the immensely talented upcoming artist renforshort. Through renforshort’s encapsulating vocals and 347aidan’s grungy sound, the duo combine to create an astounding piece of art that is one of the more impressive songs on CHASING HARMONY.

The fourth track from the Cambridge, Ontario artist is “bipolar waves,” my favorite song on the EP. The title perfectly speaks to the introspective theme of the song, and allows listeners to dive into the head of the upcoming artist. The groovy ukulele strums mixed with 347aidan’s raw vocals fuse into an unapologetic, head-bobbing tune. The next track is “superstar,” the most experimental song on the EP. It combines two songs into one, giving the song a distinctive depth.

The last song on CHASING HARMONY is “MEMORIES!,” which has received a huge number of streams. The song is extremely relatable and features crisp production. With over 25 million streams on Spotify and over 30k TikTok’s using the song, it has amassed widespread support and attention from tens of millions of people.

While CHASING HARMONY did not stray too far from 347aidan’s musical norm, his maturation as an artist can be heard through the entire EP. As the rising artist continues to release more unconventional music, 347aidan will evidently show why he is touted as one of the most talented young artists in music. Listen to CHASING HARMONY below:

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