midwxst Pushes the Envelope in New Project, 'BACK IN ACTION' [EP Review]

Ian Hansen

The Indiana-raised, midwxst, just released his EP, BACK IN ACTION, and it proves that he has a bright future in hip hop, especially the new wave hyperpop that has come to the forefront in recent months.

What makes midwxst so unique is how he meshes the emo-style trap that we've heard from the likes of Juice Wrld and Trippie Redd and fuses it with hyperpop, with these distorted drums and video game-style melodies.

BACK IN ACTION starts with “Let it Rip,” which features a Playboi Carti-like beat, but with infectious flows and catchy production midwxst sets the tone as vastly different and his own. Transitioning into “All Talk,” which has a fun, plucky beat with a drop that brings in layers of pleasing synth lines and his darker lyrics such as, “Never fit in, don’t fit in the classroom; remember hiding from class in the bathroom,” midwxst continues to solidify the tone of the EP as introspective and experimental.

The next track, "Putting On," features 14-year-old underground trap artist BabySantana, who brings the heat - matching midwxst's stellar hyperpop energy. A trippy intro reminiscent of Mario Kart rainbow road leads into a heavily distorted bass and big drum-fill. The track holds some of the most energy of the EP, pushing boundaries when it comes to vocals meshing with challenging production.

Tic Tac Toe continues with his impressive triplet flows and heavily distorted production. The theme of this track is momentum and being hungry for the next big thing which he makes urgently clear with this EP as a whole. The next track, “Star” is a track that will absolutely get a crowd rocking at a concert.

“Slide” brings more moshpit energy with features from ericdoa and slump6s. The song brings out panned out, piercing lead synths that brings the track together. “Made it back” takes a step back, with a more ambient and melodic midwxst, rather than the pure rapping from the two tracks before. It leads into the outro, “LA,” featuring KA$HDAMI. It's laid back compared to the other seven tracks and takes a different, non-hyperpop sound. It feels like an older SoundCloud-era track, but it does the job as a perfect outro to an energetic project.

Midwxst really made a positive jump from his debut project, Secrets, in 2020 and proves he has the talent to become a big name in the music industry. Take a listen below:

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