Ché’s “SAMSARA” Solidifies Him as New York’s Next Star

Ian Hansen

I haven't come across a song this year that combines production and vocals in a way that transports me to the intergalactic realm quite like Ché's latest track, "SAMSARA." This Brooklyn native consistently exceeds expectations, and this year has been no different.

The song features futuristic synths that weave throughout the track, complementing the raps and angelic singing in the chorus. Ché's delivery is incredibly smooth, making it the perfect soundtrack for a leisurely summer stroll along the beach or cruising through a city at night.

Ché's unparalleled rapping skills continue to shine, positioning him as a prominent figure among the illustrious lineage of New York City emcees. I've had his music on repeat all year, and I eagerly anticipate his more vibes like this in the future.

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