Freddie's Finds, Volume 47: Best New Music of the Week

Freddie FIne
Credit: Kristopher Carter

Welcome back to Freddie’s Finds Volume 47, featuring Malik Elijah, Dosey, and old collin.

“HYDROPONICS” by Malik Elijah

It takes a very special track to make me completely pause listening to a project just to listen to it on repeat, but “HYDROPONICS” off of Malik Elijah’s latest project, SONIT, achieved just that. With a groovy, house influenced beat from Rilla Force, catchy hook, and effervescently smooth bars, Malik grasps everything that KAYTRAMINÉ fell short of on the track. Malik’s energy is palpable across the track, creating a summer jam that will have you dancing everywhere you go while constantly wondering what hydroponics means. While “HYDROPONICS” is my favorite track off of SONIT, you will want to be sure to dive into the full project – Malik Elijah is ready to take over.

“cope” by old collin

I heard old collin for the first time on the Pigeons & Planes Discord stream a couple weeks ago, and thankfully it was not too long before I got to hear even more from them. “cope” arrives as their first release of the year, but it is clear that the wait was well worth it, bringing a more refined style than ever. The production trio of old collin, anem0s, and KBL brings a constant influx of hyperpop elements in the two part track – the first, a slower, guitar riff lined, vocal centric ballad, before bursting into an exciting beat switch as higher pitched vocals and glitchy production see the track out. As collin said themselves in an Instagram caption, “For the past few months I’ve been focused on trying to get my vocal mixes to sound like how I want them to, and cope has been the closest so far to do so,” and if “cope” is just a step towards perfection, then expect even more growth to come from the rising artist.

“wasted” by dosey

This week’s Freddie’s Finds contains a little bit of everything – hyperpop, house-hip-hop, and last but certainly not least, a melancholic folk ballad from dosey. “wasted” will have you reminiscing on the folk tracks that took over the radio in the early 2010s yet containing the raw emotion to keep you gripped in your seat. An ode to unrequited love, dosey opens up by singing, “I feel wasted off of the time that it’s taken you to turn your mind,” before going on to grapple with the thoughts of losing someone that means so much to him. With 2023 already seeing dosey pick up lots of momentum, keep an eye out for what he’s going coming.

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