Chezile’s '47' Is The New Soundtrack For Your Late Night Drives [EP Review]

Preston Breck

Who is Chezile? No one really knows. Before blowing up, the mysterious indie act really came out of nowhere. His first ever song “Beanie” dropped in November and has since gained almost 5 million streams on Spotify with features on Fresh Finds, Lorem, and other playlists as well as the Spotify global viral charts. “Beanie” is a slow, sultry indie ballad drawing ears primarily on TikTok for the track’s bright guitar backing and Chezile’s rich standout vocals. Now, Chezile is here with his debut EP 47, offering five new tracks for listeners to dig into.

47 takes the moody, drenched feel of “Beanie” and amplifies it across a wide variety of sounds. From a trudging rock tune on “Porn Star” to a somber, droning indie ballad on “Aleister In Wonderland”, each track sounds as fresh as the next. “Loveisherion” and “Run Away” are similar aesthetically to “Beanie”, featuring moody guitars of spacey drums and crooning vocals. Despite this, the songs carry their own weight, focusing on themes of waiting, change, and moving on.

“Alone At Last” is an absolute standout from the project, having been teased on TikTok and Instagram before the EP’s release. The track is a slow yet infectious soft-rock tune with drowning guitar flourishes over a heartbreaking chord progression. Although intentionally spacey throughout, Chezile is able to build momentum into a powerful chorus through his vocals, often overlapping with each other. The song is a beautiful reflection of love, drugs, and refreshing loneliness, and Chezile is able to represent this theme beautifully in its instrumentation. 

“Porn Star” is another highlight, starting the EP off on an energetic, psychedelic note. The garage tune follows the struggles of a back-and-forth relationship, its scattered sounds and overlaid vocal tracks painting a sonic picture of just how confusing a situation like this could be. For a brief 15 minute listen, 47 is able to cover a range of sounds and emotions, showcasing the quality and versatility of such an unknown artist. This project is only the start, and as 2024 progresses, Chezile is quickly and surely becoming a must-know name in music.

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