With Open Arms, Jordan Mackampa Says, ‘WELCOME HOME, KID!' [Album Review]

British-Congolese artist Jordan Mackampa’s new album, Welcome Home, Kid, gives this fun feel good vibes of soul, R&B, and funk from beginning to end. Each track provides a different type of emotion and inspiration while cohesively coming together in a reminiscence or discovery in defining what “home” really is to the listener. Home can be your childhood town viewed in a new light after being gone for so long or defined as a someone, not somewhere. It also serves a celebration of you. This can be heard in tracks: "PLAYGROUND’," "IVE FOUND MY HOME IN YOU" and "INTERLUDE: PARTY AT MY AUNTIE’S HOUSE" Mackampa’s first track, "PLAYGROUND," creates this playful introduction to what unfolds in the tracks that follow. He paints this yearning scene of being a child again and being as grandeur as one’s dreams, experimenting and being unafraid of taking initiative in one’s passions and pursuits. "I’VE FOUND MY HOME IN YOU" is a track that’s explanatory in finding home not in somewhere, but someone. “A love that is good and kind and pure” that when you’re dancing with them, “it feels like floating everyday." Although not a traditional song in a sense, “INTERLUDE: PARTY AT MY AUNTIE’S HOUSE”, was simply a momentary pause that put a smile on my face. The joyous background of piano playing and chatter was as though you just arrived and were welcomed in.  

If you’re looking for a bit more upbeat funk, "STEP BY STEP" and "BLACCJACK THE MAC," are tracks that’ll make you press play. These snare and hi-hat heavy tracks will have you walking out with a pep in your step and don’t get me started with the bass in "BLACCJACK THE MAC." With lyrics in "STEP BY STEP" stating, “It’s like I’m in church on a Sunday, sinning on a Monday. ‘Cause the beats hard like a felony." It’s hard not to love the production. However, with that said, Mackampa meets that line, reaching his love of gospel blues with the track, "MARY."

My favorite track from Mackampa is "I KNOW." "I KNOW" is a track of manifestation, gratitude and affirmation. I love how the track starts off sounding like a time-travel dream and looking back on what he’s done in the past to achieve what he has in the present. Aside from this track being 2 minutes and 22 seconds long, this song has served as a source of inspiration and encouragement in a few playlists and may help you keep moving forward too. Jordan Mackampa’s album is an album that is as similar to watching a feel good film and serves as a family of metaphorical open arms saying, “WELCOME HOME, KID."

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