Artist Spotlight: Chloe Tang

Perry Avgerinos

Chloe Tang is a refreshing summer margarita infused with Pop and R&B. After studying songwriting at the University of Colorado, Chloe dropped a pin in LA, where she continues to climb the charts. The 22 year old American/Canadian has been growing her fanbase for three years now, consistently delivering soulful pop hits.

Already having appearances on coveted Spotify playlists such as New Music Friday, New Pop Revolution, and Brand New Chill (and more), it's safe to say heads are starting to turn. In her latest single "I'd Kill," Chloe pairs catchy hooks with tangy chord melodies, gliding over trap drums as she sings about "someone worth dying for." As her Twitter bio boasts, she's the best flavor of Tang, and we dig the taste.

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