Church-Hill Does Something Right with "WDIGW"

Audrey Brandes

19-year-old Church-Hill’s most recent single, “WDIGW,” standing for “Where Did I Go Wrong,” is a triumph. Pulling in 80s-esque flourishes, indie drums, and subtly R&B-style vocals, the song is fast-paced and breezy while incorporating complex nuances. Church-Hill encompasses the feeling of fleeting youth in this reflective yet upbeat break-up song. Singing, “Her energy begins to fade, I can see her silhouette, How’d I let her get away,” the young singer juxtaposes a vibrant sound with somberly introspective lyrics.

Church-Hill’s sound is self-described as “a summation of Californian youth...” and he tells a coming-of-age story in this song alone. It encompasses the familiar youthful feeling of a summer coming to an end – not wanting the moment to end but still soaking in as much sunshine as possible. Church-Hill’s signature style is a concoction of contemporary industry influences while incorporating the soulful elements of folk music. As a descendent of the Miwok Native American Tribe, the young artist first experimented with music at his reservation’s studio, obviously inspired by the poignant music he grew up around. With a variety of profound and light-hearted elements culminating in his work, his vision is one that’s worth paying attention to.

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