Leah Kate Informs Her Ex That He's Too Late in New Single "Boyfriend"

Audrey Brandes

Independent pop artist Leah Kate melds retro 90s beats with futuristic production and vocals – bringing in elements reminiscent of Gwen Stefani and newcomer Dua Lipa. On her latest single, “Boyfriend,” Leah Kate creates an anthem that is both spiteful and alluring – pulling you in while pushing you away. Playfully teasing that everyone wants what they can’t have, she sings, “If you wanna call me, you should’ve thought of that then,” and “See me sharing me with someone else, Suddenly you want me all to yourself,” she delivers the ultimate bitter track. Empowering, fun, and nonchalant, it’s the energy we all need to bring into 2021.

Leah Kate has had a whirlwind year, garnering attention from labels, fellow artists, and even securing a feature in Rolling Stone. And she’s done it all herself. In her Rolling Stone article, Leah Kate is described as “running a full-service label for herself out of her bedroom,” by investor and founder Alexis Ohanian. Her song “Fuck Up the Friendship” went viral on TikTok, pushing her original melodies on the music app. Not only is she a talented songwriter and performer, but the girl’s got major drive. On this trajectory, we’re confident you’ll be seeing more of Leah Kate very soon.

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