Worry Club Returns with Dream Collab, “Lately” Featuring John the Ghost

Freddie Fine

Worry Club is back with a bang on his first release since December. “Lately” featuring the Maine frontman John The Ghost is an extremely polished track from the budding star, as he gets to work with a childhood hero – and seamlessly so.

He opens with a direct sample, telling the listener that he wants to talk to them, before embarking on a feel good, bedroom pop track. From the vocal texturing and distortion to warm guitar strums, there is not one part of “Lately” that doesn’t blow me away. The hook is almost certain to have you dancing in your room, or at the very least, emphatically spinning in a swivel chair - I even played it for the 10 year old I was babysitting and caught him bopping his head. John The Ghost seamlessly contributes his vocals to the second verse - the two have incredible chemistry on the track.

Get excited for the Worry Club EP, coming later this year. Check out “Lately” below:

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