conner Goes “back in time” with New Neo-Punk Single

Ian Tsang

There’s definitely a part within us all that craves the nostalgia of our youth – that longing for anything reminiscent of those phases we went through and the music that we grew up with. For any late-blooming millennials/fledgling Gen-Z’ers, that means the pop-punk wave of the early 2000s. Enter conner, a Maryland-born singer whose music revives the increasingly distant genre.

Releasing his new single “bite the bullet,” conner looks to join the neo-punk wave in its 2021 remaster, with a little twist. By combining grungy tones and sing-songy rap, the multi-genre/multi-instrumentalist looks to bring his new sound to the music world. conner is no stranger to rock and its pop-punk offspring. From an early age, he was attracted to the guitar - playing the instrument gifted by his uncle (who performed alongside The Who, a worldwide sensation in the rock community.) Fine-tuning his newfound talent, conner later learned to apply his guitar playing to singing, rap, and every opportunity which resulted in his present day career. To say 2020 was groundbreaking for conner would be an understatement. Dropping two vibey singles (“theme song” and “recents”) was just the start. Yet, they still caught the attention of critics – earning him a spot on Spotify’s "Fresh Finds." Now in the new year, conner hopes to surpass his previous success.

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