Deb Never Makes Her Case in New Single "Someone Else"

Rachael Jansky

Since her first release, Deb Never has made a name for herself with her distinctive blend of grunge, bedroom pop, and R&B. In her latest single “Someone Else,” Never crafts a heartbreaking plea for commitment from someone slipping through her fingers while still boasting her iconic sound.

Never expertly balances her vulnerable lyricism with a casual, nearly mumbled delivery, allowing the song to feel realistic without becoming melodramatic. The track’s authenticity shines through as Never makes a selfish admission that she can’t stand the thought of someone moving on without her. The production is nearly bare, further removing any barrier between Never and her heartfelt admissions. There’s an unexpected empowerment sprinkled throughout the song, as Never fully opens herself up to any judgement or rejection with this proclamation.

Never spent the first part of quarantine working on Intermission, a project released exclusively on Bandcamp with proceeds donated to pandemic relief efforts. As the mundane and sedentary elements of quarantine set in, Never escaped to London where her creativity was reinvigorated. “Someone Else” is the first release inspired during her time abroad, providing a glimpse into to the incredible production and insightful songwriting yet to be unveiled by Never.

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