Artist Spotlight: Croosh

Joe DelloStritto

Croosh exhibits a nonchalant confidence in his art, creating music that facilitates a meeting of the mind and soul. The producer, singer, and songwriter from LA has been growing his independent following over the years with no signs of slowing. After telling his IG followers that his “technique has just now caught up with his ideas,” Croosh confirmed this statement with the release of his six-song EP titled “You Tell Me.”⁣

“Wind” is a reggae-infused jam in the EP, adding a modern-pop lens to the largely eradicated genre. Croosh admits to his obsession with music in the track, divulging about his goal-chasing mentality resulting in sins and fickle relationships. As Croosh glides over the the bouncy production with his silvery vocals, he shows off versatility by fluently switching between flows and melodies.⁣

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