Artist Spotlight: Peter $un

Joe DelloStritto

Flaunting raw individuality and an empowering persona, the self proclaimed “scumbaby” has put Richmond, VA on the map.⁣

Better known as Peter $un, the artist projects a unification of jazz and rap escorted by an electronic overtone. Not just an artist, Peter $un finds purpose in philanthropy, and inspiration in his only son. The soulful rapper newly signed with Mind of A Geniusis prepared to take his contagious energy to the mainstream.⁣

The product of a drunk night in the studio, Sunny most recently released “100 Proof” with Guapdad4000. The track extenuates Sunny’s raspy baritone yet melodic vocals over trappy hi-hats and jolting 808s. Perfect for the summer, this track feels like a block party with it’s gritty, balmy production. With a bouncy cadence and sleek flows, Peter $un is destined to reserve a spot in your daily rotation.⁣

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