Daniel Allan and Reo Cragun Continue Their Collab Run with “OP”

Perry Avgerinos

The saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” rings true for Daniel Allan and Reo Cragun – as the pair continue to drop some of their best music yet together. As their workflow continues to grow and only become more in-sync, the two drop “OP,” just a couple weeks after “Gassing You Up” – which just so happens to be my top song on Spotify this month.

Like all of their collabs – there’s just something about Reo Cragun’s voice that complements electronic production so well. But in particular, Daniel Allan’s breakbeat, futuristic trap style of production in particular. Whether there’s intricate sound design, breathy vocal chop manipulations, or hard 808s and drumwork (or often all of the above) – when you mesh this all together with the catchy songwriting and falsetto flows from Reo – you’re left with alpha energy anthems like “OP.”

I don’t know if it’s the summer energy that’s in the air in LA lately, or what exactly, but I’ve been on an electronic kick these past few weeks, and Daniel Allan and Reo Cragun have been helping to fill this void. Bump this one below:

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