Daniel Price Epitomizes L.A. Life and Relationships Through New Song, “Video Girl” [Premiere]

Lara Prakash

While he may only have six songs on streaming platforms, Daniel Price is a name to start familiarizing yourself with. The 22 year-old Boston-born, LA-based artist is quickly becoming an R&B persona with a world of potential (or as he sings “A world where all of the seasons bloom”). His newest single,“Video Girl,” is layered with an addictive confident swagger, lush production, and melodies that will be stuck in your head all day. 

The release is the first from Price which he hasn’t produced, mixed, and mastered completely himself. Widening his lens and giving attention to his strengths, we hear his dynamic vocals on full display, interspersed with poetic lyricism and personal experiences. Centered around groovy crisp percussion and atmospheric guitar, “Video Girl” exemplifies an R&B vibe that’s nearly impossible to dislike.

Conceptually, Price dives into the complicated dynamics of modern relationships. With lyrics “Sometimes in this life, the more you try the more it falls apart,” he highlights a feeling we've all felt before. Price told us that he “wanted to start painting a picture that shows the dissonance of modern day relationships,” a clear theme in the track, and an even more obvious one amongst the atypical relationships present in the music video he released yesterday.

The video, directed by Khufu Najee, follows Price and his "video girls," dancing and driving through LA, taking pictures, and going to the beach at night. The narrative brings the youthful energy from the song to life, showing how it is to be in your 20s in the City of Angels. It also gives us a window into the character Price is becoming, embracing a liberated and gritty energy, a cinematic persona with a lot to unpack. Stick around until the end of the video and you'll see a bloodied Price, a possible plot twist to this personal narrative we hope to see continue developing.

Although this is our first time featuring Price, it certainly won't be the last. Get familiarized and get the full Daniel Price experience through his music video below↓

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