Get To Know Yuki Dreams Again [Interview]

Audrey Brandes

Montreal-based artist Yuki Dreams Again is known for his genre-bending sound, layered songwriting, and masterful production. In the past year, the 23-year-old has made his mark in the industry, garnering attention from huge producers and listeners around the world. With a sound that blends R&B, pop, alt-rock, electronic, and hip-hop, it’s hard not to stop and pay attention to any one of his tracks. But who is the guy behind the music? Hopefully we can give you a glimpse.

If you could choose one word to describe your music, what would it be?


What was the most memorable concert you’ve ever been to?

I saw Travis Scott at an outdoor concert about 3 years ago when he released ASTROWORLD. It was pretty memorable, that guy has a crazy stage presence and he’s just too wild.

What’s the writing process behind your music?

I always start by burning incense and sage in the studio. Then I generally start multiple ideas simultaneously. I don’t like to work on one song at a time. Also, I never write my lyrics down. I only write keywords or notes when I’m not in the studio. Most of the songs start with a freestyle using these notes and then it grows into a song, or not.

What’s your favorite track at the moment?

"Gang Signs (feat. ScHoolboy Q)" by Freddie Gibbs. Freddie Gibbs is just a superhuman. Summer just arrived in Montreal and it’s been my mood for the past couple weeks. It gives me a feeling of invincibility, like “everything will be alright, let’s get it!”

Who’s your biggest style icon?

Pharrell. Growing up, my dad used to be the biggest N.E.R.D. fan. The most inspiring part about Pharrell’s style is that he’s way more than his clothes. He could rock anything and make it stylish. Also, to see his style evolve with time and for him to still be relevant at age 48 is so inspiring. No one rocks colorful jewelry like Skateboard P!

If you could listen to three songs for the rest of your life, what would they be?

"Alone Together" by Chet Baker, "On & On" by Erykah Badu, and "Loneliness" by Sanchez.

What’s your happiest memory from the past year?

At the beginning of the pandemic, when everything started closing, I decided to leave the city to spend time with my family in the countryside. I haven’t been very close with my brother in the past couple years since we live far from each other. And for the first time in years, we spent about two months together. We spent countless hours playing ball or play Skate 3 like we used to when we were kids.

What was the first song you wrote about?

I think I wrote my first song when I was about 12, so I don’t remember quite frankly, but it was probably something stupid. Probably a rip-off of a T.I. song or something similar.

What’s one thing about yourself that people wouldn’t expect when they first meet you?

I can take a tofu piece and turn it into something so delightful it’ll make you forget about bacon.

Yuki Dreams Again teamed up with Miko for a new song and video "Hotel Lobby," out today!

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