Miko Seeks Change in Indie Anthem "Every Night"

Perry Avgerinos

Ever felt like you were simply going through the motions, every day feeling the same as the last? Oh wait, yes – coronavirus had us trapped in our homes for over a year. Well, if you're still upset about it, Montreal-based Miko has a new song that will ease your melancholic discomfort with one listen, titled, "Every Night."

Slick guitar chords, impassioned vocal melodies, and rocking indie drum work are the elements Miko fuses to create a summer anthem for a mundane situation. I'm inclined to not believe you if you said you didn't feel at least a bit lonely this past year or another point in your life. With a creative blend of relatability, and expressive musicianship, Miko creates an alternative/indie jam that you simply need to blast at loud volumes. In the chorus, Miko sings,

"Every night I come home in the dark,

No one to talk to, no one to call,

Every night I walk by the same old buildings,

I carry the same old bag, and the same old feelings."

Reflecting on your current emotions and situation can give a fresh sense of perspective and help with any anxiety or uncertainty you may be feeling about what lies ahead. Everyone handles this differently, but for some people, music is the cure – and for me, it's now listening to "Every Night." With yet another standout track to add to his discography, Miko is quickly showcasing why he is an artist to watch in 2021. Listen to "Every Night" below.

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