Denzel Curry & Kenny Mason Are Untouchable on "SKED"

Vincent Merry

South Florida native Denzel Curry is back with a fresh single, “SKED." This third single for his upcoming album sees Denzel collaborating with up-and-comer Kenny Mason, as they symbiotically elevate each other’s performance throughout the entire track.

On “SKED," Charlie Heat starts the track off with an obliterating 808 bass line under a tight trap beat. Contrasting to Denzel’s previous album, Melt My Eyez See Your Future, “SKED” pivots into a Travis Scott-esque soundscape (this instrumental feeling is particularly reminiscent of Scott’s “FRANCHISE”). It doesn’t take long for Denzel to introduce his signature flows: “What could you do, huh? Try me, they put you in suits, huh, huh / You is a fluke, huh, I play your bitch like a flute, huh, huh”. Denzel has plenty of tracks proving his abilities to rap on varied instrumentals about TA13OO topics, and so his desire to create a straightforward banger with “SKED” is more than earned.

At the halfway mark, Kenny Mason is introduced. Kenny’s features on previous tracks like IDKs “Cereal” and JID’s “Dance Now” made me confident that he would be able to keep up with Denzel’s lyrical abilities and unique flows, and Kenny didn’t disappoint: “I got more arms than a centipede, but he still get beat like he sendin' me loops. / Shitted on any attempt to keep Ken in the kennel, the criminals finna get loose." Kenny’s higher-register voice and melodic style blend well with Denzel’s verse and chorus, and both Kenny and Denzel feel right at home over this Charlie Heat beat.

Although the chorus may not be Denzel’s best performance, it’s great to see him back to making straightforward trap bangers. After hearing “SKED," I can’t be the only one dying for a Denzel Curry x Kenny Mason collab album.

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