Destin Laurel’s 'searching for klarity' Has Him Poised to Be Atlanta’s Next Superstar [Album Review]

Ian Hansen

Destin Laurel's music is a breath of fresh air.  With a smooth and charismatic sound that's full of cohesiveness and uniqueness, it's no wonder that he's being hailed as Atlanta's next superstar. His latest album, searching for klarity, is a testament to his talent, showcasing his distinctive style and incredible vocal abilities.

Laurel's musical journey started in church, and he credits exposure to various genres for shaping his sound. This influence is evident in his album, where he effortlessly blends different elements to create melodies that are as unique as they are captivating. "high'," the second track on the album, is a standout example of his style. With pluggnb-inspired beats and incredible falsetto, Laurel creates a sound that's entirely his own.

One of the highlights of searching for klarity is the track "win'or'lose." With its brash energy and diverse array of harmonization and melodies, it's hard not to be engaged by Laurel's artistry. "Condition" is another track that showcases his incredible vocals, while the R&B outro "anesthesia" provides the perfect conclusion to the project. With its airy keys and bouncy drums, it allows Laurel's singing to shine.

Laurel's consistency is a source of pride for him, and it's evident in the eight tracks he released in 2022. Each track was better than the last, and it's exciting to think about where his music will go from here. With his unique style and undeniable talent, it's only a matter of time before Destin Laurel takes the industry by storm.

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