Dyna Edyne Is Just Getting Started with ‘Soft Era’ EP [EP Review]

Ian Hansen

It has been almost two years since Dyna Edyne released her last project MAHOGANY, and she is back with her four track EP, Soft Era. While it is only four songs, the versatility, the exquisite contrast from the featured artists —  Hoosh, Lorine Chia, and Anonymuz — and the sonic bliss from this project makes it feel way more than what it is.

Miami’s next great singer and songwriter takes inspiration from all over, as there are hits of afrobeats and R&B fused into her own creative experience on this project. “Ps and Qs” kicks the project off with a mysterious guitar loop and synthy counter melody sprinkled in the background. This song features some of the most enchanting vocals I have heard from anybody — mainstream or not — in a long time.

Her singing is just as pure on the next track, “Stagnant,” which features groovy drum patterns and a blissful acoustic feel to the melody. The chemistry between Dyna Edyne and Anonymuz is beyond doubt, and I would love to hear more from them. “Glass” is a slower cut that features a fantastic Hoosh appearance. Edyne hits these high notes with ease and showcases more of her arsenal that makes her great. “Not Available” is quite the way to close the EP, as she sings soulfully over this charming electric guitar afrobeat.

Edyne’s music and charismatic approach to her singing is refreshing to the scene, and it leaves me wanting more. It is the best feeling in the world finding diamonds in the rough, and I feel as if I did with Dyna Edyne.

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