Devon Gabriella Continues to Build Momentum with “a little hope never hurt”

Nate Fenningdorf

Devon Gabriella is an artist you need to be listening to. While you may not know her name, she’s in the midst of blowing up due to her captivating songwriting, easily digestible production, and savvy marketing skills. With her new drop “a little hope never hurt,” Gabriella has shown that she’s already on the way to becoming your next favorite artist.

With an emotional delivery, Gabriella details the struggle of overcoming the end of a relationship. “I’ll hold on, I’m exhausted, remember everything you’d forgotten / Part of me feels idiotic, but it’s my last resort to calm it / So I’ll miss you while you move on / Hard to hate you when I loved us / But a little hope never hurt, anyone.” Witty, touching, and powerful are the first words that came to mind when I heard these lyrics – this is why the song has deeply resonated with thousands of listeners.

Since its release, “a little hope never hurt” has racked up over 66k streams on Spotify, an incredible feat for only being out for two weeks. Further, Gabriella has mustered up a large-scale following on TikTok due to videos that show her giving heartfelt performances of original music and covers of other songs.

If the second half of 2022 goes anything like the first half, expect Devon Gabriella to continue rising through the music industry.

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