Pop Singer / Songwriter Devon Gabriella Releases New EP 'From the Next Room' [EP Review]

Ben Wego

22 year old LA based Indie Pop songstress Devon Gabriella has just released her debut EP, From the Next Room. The title has a voyeuristic connotation exploring as the singer delves into a past relationship through a nostalgic lens while in the next stage of her life. Known for her heartbreak anthems and her acoustic friendly voice, Gabriella cultivates sentimental lyrics with catchy singer/songwriter pop tones. 

The first single released off the EP, “how could you?” (released back in 2022) is a melancholic ode to a lover who has moved on too quickly where Gabriella cooes over soft instrumentals – “How could you fall for someone new? / I heard you gave my things to your sister but your sweatshirt’s still in my room.” This track showcases the pop singer’s vocal talent immensely through her soft melodies and her ability to mix intimate lyrics with a pop coated hook.

Inversely, the track “gone for good” is a song of longing, while “how could you?” represents anger. “gone for good” is a nostalgic letter to a former lover that ends in flames, but with a hope that the romance can one day be rekindled. On “less like me,” Devon Gabriella imagines that her past lover moving on to someone who is nothing like her, which she admits will be better for him – devastatingly succumbing to the idea that maybe if she was less like herself he would've stayed with her.

“older” encapsulates her fears of growing up and vividly channels her anxiety of the passage of time – “Cause life don’t care about your innocence / Treadin’ water ever since / Oh, I’d like to say I’ve changed / But nothing’s really different.” While, “afraid of heights” is a soothing anti-love song describing the singer’s struggle with intimacy, an empathetic tale of fearing love when it comes too fast – “I’ll feel nothing before I feel love / when it gets too good I turn my back / then I think of what I could’ve had.” Closing the EP on “easy” the songstress comes full circle, growing from her past and a relationship that no longer serves her. 

Devon Gabriella is a next generation pop songwriter with a pen that chronicles what it's like going through the growing pains of heartache with painstaking honesty and vivid nostalgia.

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