Who Is distraction4ever?

Olive Soki

There is a fine line between a resting and active bpm. Either a song is impossibly energetic and standing still, or moving at a comfortable pace, while listening to it simply isn't possible, or the beat is too slow, lulling all bodily activities. But once in a blue moon you’ll find the perfect middle ground between the two extremes. Once in a blue moon, you’ll find a collective like distraction4ever.

A duo composed of two Montreal-based artists, Beau Geste and Slipshift, distraction4ever is among your best bets when it comes to modern post-punk inspired bands. Staying true to the genre, all of their songs respect that desirably casual rhythm, and angular guitar tone. Relatively lax in pulse yet bursting with transient energy, a song like “Cookie for Freaks” (their most Joy Division-esque track to date) smoothly moves along the spectrum, making it suitable for both an easy bike ride or a disorienting night out.

While their discography is nowhere near extensive, the three singles currently available to stream do not disappoint. Riddled with their monotonously hazy takes on escapism, cynicism, and the occasional friendship proposition – each song feels like an understanding and enticing distraction from the world.

I guess it’s fair to say that there’s a new band in town and I’d hate for you to miss it. Check out distraction4ever’s “Cookie for Freaks” as well as their two previous singles, “Car Crash,” and “We Could Be Friends.”

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