Benny Bellson’s Solo Career Is off to the Races With His Debut Single “Wasteful Games”

Conner Crosby

A drummer since the age of 7, Benny Bellson of Chico, California, has always had his hand in exciting musical projects. He has been a member of no less than three bands to date, lending his percussion and production talents to Kennabyron, brake for snakes, and West Ghost. Despite his prolificacy, Benny has never embarked on any solo musical ventures, until now.

Enter “Wasteful Games,” Benny’s debut single. A Gorillaz-reminiscent punk powerhouse with trip-hop and hip-hop flavoring, the track showcases Benny’s diverse influences, which range from The Strokes to Young Thug. The result is an eccentric offering with an incredibly confident and catchy hook. This is the type of song that will get stuck in your head to the point that it alters the way you go about your day. Benny Bellson received outside help from only one person on this track, but in two different ways. Not only did his friend Adam Henderson contribute his masterful guitar chops, but he also convinced Benny to write and sing a song of his own. We’re thankful in both regards, as “Wasteful Games” has excellent guitar, and Benny Bellson is off to an excellent start in his solo career.

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