badmonsham Flexes Bars in Latest Single “Doubt in My Mind”

Perry Avgerinos

Florida raised, LA-based singer/songwriter/producer badmonsham (Sham), who's ear-worm debut single "Jumpin' in the Rain," was featured on our Friday Finds Spotify playlist, supplements another high-quality addition to his growing arsenal of a discography. His third single titled "Doubt in My Mind," shows the diversity in flows, lyricism, and catchy cadences Sham has to offer.

Produced and written by Sham and BabyJake, (who's label Daycare Records houses artists like badmonsham and others), shows off Sham's harder side, with more playful raw rap bars and futuristic synth arpeggiators, backed by west-coast 808's, and soulful keys.

"Jewelry too loud like a car alarm

Stay with the cheese I like Parmesan

Bitch I got myself don’t need a bodyguard

We can get it shakin' like it’s Mardi Gras"

“"Doubt In My Mind" is me declaring that I can do anything I set my mind to... once I clear it of all doubts and restraints. I take a braggadocio-us approach to paint a picture of what being “all in” on yourself feels like."

It's remarkable how all three of the "Flowda Boi's" singles differ in overall vibe, yet are equally as appealing and contain high replay value. Sham specializes in catchy hooks, and "Doubt in My Mind" is no exception, surely to gain repeat status on your daily rotation. It's exciting to see badmonsham is "all in" on himself even during these difficult times, and we're just as "all in" on him.

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