New York's Spence Is Done Being on "Standby"

Perry Avgerinos

Meet the New York based singer/songwriter, Spencer Hoffman, better known by his project name Spence

Spence makes his Sheesh debut today as he caught our attention with his latest release "Standby (Dnt Luv U)," marking just the second release off his project debut in 2020. We love to be early on the next wave of talent, and my gut tells me Spence is here to stick around.

Spence crafts funk-fueled Indie-Pop meets contemporary R&B records with a touch of influence from the Hip-Hop genre. He worked with his brother, producer, and instrumentalist – Jackson Hoffman, to create "Standby (Dnt Luv U)," a single off his debut EP Melissa coming in 2021. The track features blithe vocal cadences, backed by cute 8-bit synths, and warm keys, creating a recipe for anyone who's gone through relationship turbulence to throw on in the shower and sing your heart out.

"Standby can be interpreted a couple of ways, but what it really means to me is that I don't want to wait for anyone. Sometimes it's best to just cut the relationship off," says Spence.

Keep channeling your emotions into your craft, Spence, because we're here for the ride, and excited to watch you grow. Listen below!

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