Dree Rivers Shares Hypnotic Single “NOW & FOREVER”

Kieran Kohorst

One of the most fascinating aspects of an artist is the arc of their character - how they develop and where they end up tells the story of a career. Houston’s Dree Rivers has been making a name for himself in the city’s competitive music scene for years now, with each release building into a more fully formed identity. On new single “NOW & FOREVER,” Rivers continues his trajectory in refining his sound: he’s more mature with his command, more versatile in the song’s production, and the lyrics more cunning than ever. Rivers sounds comfortable in taking this next step, not only capable but confident. 

The track’s intoxicating melodies give way to swagger-laden lyricism, with Rivers delivering bars that are as charming as they are sly: “You ain’t Aaliyah but I got you at your best,” stands out among the rest. In piecing together each line, the song takes shape as a clear-eyed recollection of naivety from a more experienced perspective. The track’s production aids in this narrative as it naturally descends into a more reflective tempo that allows Rivers to fully explain both sides of the story. 

“NOW & FOREVER” follows the release of Rivers’s Heartthrow Capsule II, a pair of tracks that furthered his ties to Houston’s iconic soundscape. He’s received placements on popular Spotify playlists New Music Friday and Ripple Effect: Texas, in addition to being featured on the SiriusXM station Sound 42 Music Culture by Drake. His most recent single pushes Rivers outside the city limits with his choice of production, his charisma translating effortlessly across influences. For an artist that has continually proven his potential to break through, “NOW & FOREVER” is another step forward in fulfilling his promise. The evolution of Dree Rivers is in motion, now and forever. 

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