Sammy Curcuru Made "Messy Room" with Zac Greer and 12 Year Old Walker Edmond

Riley Furey

I’ve been in a down period of finding new music, and I think that is in part to hearing what Sammy Curcuru has been working on behind closed doors. His first two singles struck me like lightning, and thankfully the wait for new music from the Detroit born artist is over.

Sammy teased "Messy Room" with a boy-next-door meets 10 Things I Hate About You kind of visual that showed him playing guitar on a set of bleachers, and it has not left my head since the first day that I watched it. This song was made in collaboration with 12 year old Walker Edmond who brought an unfinished idea for a chord progression over to Sammy, and the pair worked at it along with help from Zac Greer who tied it all together for one of my favorite songs I’ve heard all year. For the ideal listening experience I recommend driving around with your volume at full blast, and letting out any pent up emotion you have to the chorus right alongside him.

Sammy’s choices in production have been so fresh on his last three releases that I feel like I'm discovering a new genre every time I listen to his music, and considering the fact this is only his third single to be released, it’s clear that Sammy has a bright future with many more hits to come.

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