Lily Fitts Hits The Ground Running with Debut Single "Hurts Like Hell"

Jacob Carte
Credit: Austin Cieszko

Boston-based indie-pop singer, Lily Fitts, has been on my radar for the better part of a year with the covers she has released across social-media platforms. Her effortless runs and soulful rasp have not only captured the attention of artists like Zach Bryan and Noah Kahan, but have left listeners hopeful for the release of original music.

Lily’s debut single “Hurts Like Hell” is finally here and surely did not disappoint. With a sound that immediately reminded me of Miley Cyrus, her lyrics act as an inner dialogue dealing with the fallout of a difficult break where she does not pull any punches. When she sings “I tell my friends that I wish you well, but the truth is honey that I hope it hurts like hell," one thing comes to mind. I’ve had those same intrusive thoughts, but would never have the courage to say them out loud.

Fitts shares that "'Hurts Like Hell' is a song about being betrayed by someone you once cared about a lot and trying to process the aftermath of it all. This was one of the easiest songs I have ever written, the lyrics flowed because every word was written from my experiences.” Since graduating college, she has teased a few other original songs on TikTok and it’s exciting to know that more music is on the way!

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