Drelli Reflects on The More Difficult Parts of Life in His Deep But Upbeat New Earworm “Ain’t Enough”

Conner Crosby

Drelli, the latest signee to 10K Projects’ and Flighthouse’s joint venture – Solo Brightest, released his label debut “Ain’t Enough” last Friday. Riding off of momentum from a successful 2020, with highlights such as landing a track on the soundtrack of the HBO series "Insecure," Drelli starts 2021 off with a reflection on the ongoing trials and tribulations in his life set to a rich bassline, charming keys, and agreeable percussion.

Drelli told us:

“This is really my first sad song. When the world shut down, I thought it was the perfect time to write "Ain’t Enough" with lyrics like:

"I got a check but it’s not enough."

"I think a lot of us deserve more if we are putting the work in, especially during all this."

"Ain’t Enough” is the kind of anthemic, sad-yet-feel-good rap that might come off as either annoyingly sentimental or totally disingenuous if not executed with the perfect amount of energy and attitude. Drelli has the perfect amount of energy and attitude, and he absolutely kills it. We’re excited to see how he utilizes his label’s support and grows as an artist in 2021.

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