ppgcasper’s “complications” is Introspective and Highly Catchy

Tyler Borland

New York based rapper and singer ppgcasper has been making waves in the past couple years through his punk aesthetic, vocal crooning, and his incredibly catchy melodies. The Surf Gang member and frequent collaborator has built his own lane with a rebellious and DIY attitude through tracks such as “Yaye,” “Paris Hilton,” and “Don’t Wanna Dance.”

ppgcasper’s recent single “complications” is defiant and introspective. ppgcasper dives into a turbulent relationship that comes with narcotic abuse and a fast-paced lifestyle. He once again displays what makes him so interesting--his subdued crooning delivery and earworm hooks.

Sorry for the complications know that it get complicated
I'll never be enough for you I know that I will never make it
I'm always off the drugs so I don't know like what the f*ck you saying

The New York artist continues to be one of the most exciting new artists operating in this style with a highly consistent discography and a clear vision for himself artistically.

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