LBS Kee’vin drops 'Belair Baby 2' Aiming for Rap Supremacy alongside A Cast of Rising Rappers

Joe DelloStritto

It’s true that LBS Kee’vin can whip up a new hit faster than a speeding bullet, constantly sharing tight verses on his Instagram each week. In turn, it wasn’t a surprise when the Florida rapper released another full length project, Belair Baby 2, less than a year after his release of Belair Baby.

This time around, though, LBS decided to bring some friends. With features from the likes of 42 Dugg, Juicy J, 2KBABY, and Luh Kel, LBS Kee’vin has created a name that is demanding attention. The second track on the album, “Shinning (Feat. 42 Dugg),” has already reached over 1 million Spotify streams in it’s first couple months. LBS Kee’vin and 42 Dugg seem to be having a good time on this one, as the two rising rappers pass a piano-infused beat back and fourth with ease. LBS shows no remorse in his verses, providing hard-hitting, clever bars every time he spits. Here, let me pick one out of a hat:

Get money all day and at night I’m with B*tches

We got shit in common we both got extensions

Get it?

In the project’s eighth track, “Conceited (feat. 2KBABY),” LBS Kee’vin switches between articulate flows and a variation of modern, ear-catching melodies. LBS Kee’vin does more than keep up with 2KBABY, although the latter still delivers a catchy verse smack in the middle of the track. LBS Kee’vin takes some time to be, as the name suggests, “conceited,” rapping,

All my whips robotic

Conceited like I don’t know nobody

Let me talk my shit, I got it

I’m fly as fuck, I don’t know no pilot

My personal favorite from the album is track 10: “Toxic (feat. Luh Kel).” LBS flaunts his keen ear for creating addictive hooks in this song, just one listen and I promise you’ll find yourself throwing “Toxic” on repeat. Luh Kel sets the tone in the first 40 seconds of the track, and then hands it off to LBSjust as the beat hits. Beautiful. In a flawless variation of flows, melodies, and lyricism, LBS Kee’vin begs his girl to pick up the phone, trying to reconnect a lost love, singing,

Lets press rewind,

I don’t want to waste your time

A b*tch like you so hard to find

Can you please answer your line, you on my mind

When Belair Baby dropped in late April, it was hard for me to see LBS Kee’vin topping it. I’ll admit it, I stand corrected, as it only took him a handful of months to do so. Embodying the epitome of modern rap, LBS Kee’vin checks off all of the boxes. It’ll be far cooler to say you were a fan now, rather than later.

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