Who Is Annika Bennett?

Jackie Verba

The genuinity that Annika Bennett possesses through her art and the pure kindness of her character is something that should be cherished. Currently based in LA, Bennett has already written a few hundred songs and received multiple awards (ASCAP Robert Allen Award for excellence in songwriting, and many more). Bennett has written for gnash, Bülow, Ashley Kutcher, Goody Grace, Walk Off The Earth, Lexi Jayde, Catie Turner and more. Frequent collaborators include Omer Fedi, Danny Silberstein, Noah Conrad and Jonah Shy. She’s really cool — for real.

Her most recent single release, “Scared of Getting What I Want” blends the feeling of skin-crawling imposter syndrome with an indie-pop edge. The lyrics are introspective, ever-so-relatable, and I’d be surprised if a 20-something creative person doesn’t find themselves in them. It’s raw. It's as if Gracie Abrams and The Regrettes had a child, and that child listened to a lot of Lennon Stella.

Nowadays, Bennett is touring with LANY and Surfaces. She has two forthcoming EPs – ROOM (DEMOS) releasing 8/19, and then a full project co-produced by Jonah Shy (Dermot Kennedy, Camila Cabello, Fletcher) will be released fall of 2022. For now, listen to the rest of her discography and “Scared of Getting What I Want” below:

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