'Paradise 2' Is Going to Take EastBayTae to New Heights [EP Review]

Ian Hansen

I first heard EastBayTae from snippets with Trippie Redd, and I never realized what I was missing. His catalog is full of incredible records that highlight his spacious flows and atmospheric production. His recent EP, Paradise 2 takes this to new heights with untarnished flows and elevated production.

The Ohio native starts with the song that summarizes the entire project with “Levitated,” and I am not sure if I have heard of a more fitting track. The airy synths and beefy 808s underneath his mesmeric vocals set the tone for what’s to come. “Celine” has some of my favorite production on the project thanks to Project Siniy, who we recently featured.

“Can’t See Me” is one for those who like to moshpit, as the 808s are powerful and the sharp synths add to the momentum of the track. “Ecstasy Freestyle 2” features rising star, Dom Corleo, and it will make you feel like you are in the clouds, as the chemistry between the two make for a druggy, ambient banger that I can’t get enough of. Finally, the outro “Atlanta” has the viral sample from luvdes that was used in Exøtix’s track, “Toni1ght.” EastBayTae delivered just as well over the sample with spirited flows and more of the contagious melodies that make him so appealing.

EastBayTae is another exciting artist to come out of the bubbling underground hip-hop scene, and he is setting up to have a big year. I can’t wait to see how he expands on this incredible sound he has yet to miss on.

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