Riovaz’s EP 'Disturb The Norm' Does Exactly That [EP Review]

Ian Hansen

Once I heard Riovaz’s last single “U Neva,” I immediately knew Jersey native’s album Disturb The Norm was going to be special – and he still blew my expectations out of the park. I have never heard someone sing so astonishing over dance beats — okay maybe Beyoncé — like Riovaz. Yes, I just compared Riovaz to Beyoncè and that alone should be enough of a reason to leave this article and check out the project.

“Until It’s Real” sets the tone for how forward thinking this project will be with this sort of tribal sounding beat that he sings effortlessly over. It is a smooth cruise into the rest of the album that will leave you wanting to turn up. My favorite track is “Hypnotized'' with a perfectly placed skaiwater appearance and features an unforgettable hook that I am craving to hear in concert.

Another highlight for me is “HeartStrung,” which I think has a chance to hit the Billboard charts. The cohesiveness from the guitar to how his melodies contrast is next to none. The build up is impeccable and there is something so catchy about him saying “HeartStrung” because so many people can relate to it.

This is one of my favorite albums two months into the year, and Riovaz has potential to make a wave in this dance sound that has been slowly but surely taking the industry by storm. I think he is a natural innovator and I am so eager to hear more. He is only 18 years old, he is already touring, and looks to keep making his mark on music.

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