Artist Spotlight: Elroy

Joe DelloStritto

When taking a look at Elroy, the first thing you’ll notice is his differing eye colors. Elroy’s unique appearance is reflected in his music, cultivating an uncommon mixture of hip-hop, pop, rock, and everything in-between. Growing up in rural Pennsylvania, Elroy spent most of his days refining his musical talent, having taught himself how to produce, engineer, and play several instruments at a young age. ⁣

After quickly gaining industry recognition with his 2020 EP “Demonslayer,” Elroy is closing out the year with his commanding single, “Parasite.” Fusing wistful guitars with edgy, distorted drums, and a pulsing baseline, Elroy takes his listeners through an introspective reality check. In his alluring silvery vocals, Elroy sings, “I’m tired, I’m faded in the worst way / never wanted to be here in the first place.” While entertaining a conversation about struggling with happiness, Elroy simultaneously remains hopeful for a better future. ⁣

Based on his knack to create distinctive and engaging music, we believe his better future is close on the horizon.

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