Artist Spotlight: Brevin Kim

Joe DelloStritto

The Boston bred duo known as Brevin Kim, could be described as genre-orphans. Fostered by an array of different musical categories, the blood brothers Brendan and Callin Paulhus refuse to settle into a single sound. Starting to create music at the ages of 9 and 10, the duo learned to love all types of sounds, from Lil Wayne to Kings of Leon. Overtime, this wide pool of inspiration allowed Brevin Kim to dismiss all genres, creating tracks that embody their experimental "hyper-pop" sound.⁣⁣
Mixing mystery and emotion, the duo uses elements from distorted 808's, to resonant melodies, to carefully crafted hooks. Their latest release is two songs titled “he doesn’t love her” and “i need water.” Brevin Kim once again mixes both modern pop and metallic hip-hop in these tracks, while leaving an electronic impression through the production and crafty vocal engineering.⁣⁣
Within the hook for “i need water,” the duo hollers, “Woke up feeling way better than I used to," which may be a result of the traction they’ve gained as of late. This inseparable duo of brothers has certainly forged their own path, and we look forward to following their journey.

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