Elusive duo "The Image" Reveal Impressive Debut EP 'OKAY: An LA Story'

Audrey Brandes

The Image, an LA-based duo, have taken the 2020 music scene by storm with their string of infectiously catchy singles, garnering attention from industry veterans and accumulating a few million streams on the way. Making their way back on our page, they’re coming into 2021 solidifying their pure artistry with their first EP, Okay: An LA Story.

The Image’s genre is almost as elusive as their appearance. The masked duo create a sound that cannot be boxed into one category. Alternative pop influences meet trap beats, overlain with electronic and cinematic accompaniments, to create something that transcends an identity and instead creates an overarching energy. Okay: An LA Story combines the masterful production that they’re known for and perfectly flowing lyricism. Listening to this work is a bodily experience. Each punctuated beat is almost tangible, conjuring imagery that the group is so aptly named after. Ranging from soulful Hip-Hop-influenced songs like “Put Em Up” and “Sex On The Roof” to upbeat tempos on “OKAY” and “Morning Prayer,” this debut EP showcases The Image’s tremendous range and raw talent.

Check out The Image’s OKAY: An LA Story, out now below and learn more about the duo in our Deep Dive interview.

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