Tiffany Day Will Help You through Your Breakup with 'THE RECOVERY PROJECT'

You may remember the Just Dropped write-up on Tiffany Day’s 2021 debut single, “FEEL ALRIGHT,” a little over a month ago. Well, we’re back again for her EP THE RECOVERY PROJECT, which added four new tracks.

In congruence with “FEEL ALRIGHT's" vulnerability and simplicity, Tiffany Day delivers a consistent, mellowed, introspective collection of five songs, each deserving of an add to your Spotify playlists. The overwhelming motif throughout the project is a common one: the phases of moving past a breakup (hence the name). Tiffany Day finds a way to carelessly express her emotion through nonchalant vocals, although conceptually it’s clear she’s not entirely care-free. I had a feeling the LA-based singer was onto something with the release of “FEEL ALRIGHT,” but now she’s got my attention.

My favorite track on the EP is “PRETEND.” Day chooses her pockets of melodies to perfection, delivering catchy hooks and unrushed verses. Atop a simple, rhythmic beat, Tiffany Day sings,

"I can't seem to just say no

And I said I’ll be smart, but you play with my heart

Boy you keep hitting up my phone

And I fall every time I just cant seem to hide."

Ultimately, Tiffany Day is explaining a situation most are familiar with: she writes about needing a distraction instead of wandering back to an ex-lover. We’ve all been there, Tiffany. We get it. Another track that turned my head was “HOMESICK.” Tiffany adds a bit of energy to this one, rather than letting her soothing vocals simply glide along. Once again connecting with her fans through defenseless lyrics, she sings,

"Afraid of getting much older

I miss my dog and my old friends

Get used to being a loner

I’m scared the summers are over."

It’s clear why the song is named “HOMESICK.” A mild indie-pop beat allows Tiffany to flex her unwavering rhythm, speeding up and slowing down the tempo as she pleases. If there’s one thing this project taught me, it’s that Tiffany Day is a real one. She never tries to be anything she’s not or sing about experiences she hasn’t endured, and it shows. THE RECOVERY PROJECT is 17 minutes well spent.

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