Emei Releases Exciting Alt-Pop EP For All [EP Review]

Milly Wensley

If I’m being honest I didn’t know who Emei was until a few days ago when I was sent her latest EP Scatterbrain, and  about 30 seconds into the first song I was obsessed! Unlike anything I've heard recently, this EP takes a fresh, exciting, original approach to pop. If I were to make a comparison this particular EP is reminiscent of when Billie Eilish was first coming into popularity with Don’t Smile At Me which had a very similar experimental feeling. Additionally, Emei can channel heavy emotion, relatable lyricism, and pop ballad-style tracks comparable to the likes of Olivia Rodrigo. Overall this project feels very modern and inspiring, with each track I was continuously impressed and excited!

This EP boasts 7 tracks highlighting various themes such as dealing with ADHD, social anxiety, and self-sabotage. Emei has found the perfect way to share her personal stories through music so listeners can apply their own experiences. Kicking off the EP we have “711” which addresses all the main themes in a high energy electronically inspired track. Next, we have the title track and one of my absolute favourites “Scatterbrain.” This track is addictive, the production is extremely dynamic and elevates the song. The hook is instantly compelling and makes you want to sing along. 

I’ll highlight a few more of my favourites on the EP starting with “Dear Emily.” This is by far the most emotional track, Emei’s voice is soft and gentle to match the angelic production. Emei sings of this “Emily” character, which could be a person she envies but it seems like the voice of her insecurities. Regardless, the storytelling value of this track is incredible and open to interpretation for many different experiences. Lastly, my other favourite track is “Cynical,” which radiates an irresistible commanding energy. Starting loud and crashing this track slowly gets softer and has a beautiful duality. 

This EP has so many diverse influences from a range of genres I genuinely think it’s suited for anyone. Regardless of your normal taste in music, take some time to listen to Scatterbrain and I’m sure Emei will win you over the way she did me! If you’re a fan, pay attention to her upcoming tour dates as she closes out the US in November and heads to Europe next Spring!

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