hey, nothing Shines On Their Debut Album ‘We’re Starting To Look Like Each Other’ [Album Review]

Riley Furey
Will Wark

Admittedly, I’ve been a passive fan of hey, nothing for a while now, but I didn’t do a deep dive into the band until a friend of mine whose taste I trust as much as my own told me to give the band a look. (Shoutout to the photographer of this post, Will Wark.) I could dive more into the backstory, but I want to review this project as much as I’m sure you want to read about it – so let’s get into it.

'We're Starting to Look Like Each Other' is 10 songs, tracking in at 36 minutes and 40 seconds, and is littered with an extremely wide variety of influences. The genres range from songs that are electric guitar driven, acoustic punk adjacent, all the way to tastefully sprinkled in folk leaning ballads. When a project is this eclectic I can only imagine how hard it must be to tie all of your influences into a presentable bow, and I feel like hey, nothing did this to near perfection.

I first thought to listen to this project due to the bands heavy ties with Arcy Drive, and I was only further sold on them when the photographer I mentioned earlier told me that, “this might possibly be the best alternative album of all time.”

And after starting it for myself, the album is simply stunning. As every track came and went, I fell deeper in love with the sound. There are moments of deep introspection amidst a hazy existence, and I feel like the project reaches extremely high heights on “Too Drunk To Drive.” The setting for the song is at a party where they’re having a few too many drinks, but the message rings true no matter how you frame it. The overwhelming feeling of wanting to be with the person you love more than anything else, and getting lost in that heavy cloud of emotion. After sitting with this song longer than most on the project, I realized the metaphor of drinking too much that they tied in perfectly with what it feels like to love too much. Such a special tune.

I've been a huge fan of folk music lately, and especially of albums dropped in the right season, and songs like "Hitchhiking" and "Flora" could not be more timely in their release. There are a lot of standout tracks as we travel onwards through the mountains of this album like "Low Spirited Funeral" and "Chamomile" along with what I mentioned before, but the last song "Goodbye" really drives it all home. It is an utter acceptance of the finality of a relationship and this project, and the overwhelming sadness and lust for what could have been is palpable.

Starting this album, I wasn't sure if it would live up to the hype that Will set for it. Fast forward to the end, it may just be one of my favorite projects of the year. I listened while I was driving through Cuyahoga Valley National Park, and I think I accidentally found the recipe for an optimal listen.

Final Opinion: ‘We’re Starting to Look Like Each Other’ is a 9/10. I think the project must be listened to as a whole to truly feel the story the band wrote about, and I can assure you that as you get deeper into the album that it will begin to grab you by the throat like Darth Vader did to Luke Skywalker when he came to reason with him once he found out he was his father. The project is a movie from start to finish, and on their debut album, hey, nothing mastered the art of storytelling.

Give hey, nothing's debut album a listen below, and feel free to treat me and Will as your friends putting you onto one of your new favorite projects like he did for me.

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