Eric Ryan Faces His Heartbreak Once and for All on "Better"

Freddie Fine

Kicking off 2022 with a beautiful, hard hitting love song is up and coming singer Eric Ryan, with new release “Better.” The Toronto native channels his inner Rex Orange County for this one, starting with a bang as just 15 seconds in is an explosion of artistry. His angelic voice glides over an instrumental highlighted by a recurring piano and guitar riff, increasing in complexion as the song progresses. The contrast between the classical piano and electric guitar adds an alluring layer to a song that is chock full of them.

The many vocal tracks provide so much ear candy throughout, whether that be backing vocals, humming, different pitching, layering, but most importantly, his vocal range. The highest of high notes on the chorus and the lows of the verses will be sure to take your breath away – almost as much as the relatable message.

Eric Ryan illustrates his undying love for an ex-lover throughout the track, singing, “If I had one more chance / I promise you I’d be a better man.” He displays his growth since the two were together, explaining how he has been humbled and is prepared to give her the world. He’ll leave you rooting for the couple to reignite their flame.

You’ll certainly want to keep Eric Ryan on your radar this year – listen to the new single below:

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