Ethan Tasch is Solemnly Romantic on Single “Love and Japan”

Kieran Kohorst

With the release of his new single, indie-riser Ethan Tasch indulges in a colorful deceit in the music, pitting sound and emotion against one another to disguise his melancholy, though not fully. As “Love and Japan” opens, an optimistic tone is introduced indebted to the song’s frisky mix of violin and guitar. While this tempo persists, Tasch’s voice is welcomed with some grief attached – though it is subtle, there is a noticeable weight carried somewhere within. As his lyrics unfold, we find that his heart is being pulled across the globe, while he is stuck enjoying Japan. “I’d turn off all the clocks / telling them you don’t have to move,” he sings in shielded despair, trying to preserve the moment without losing it to his loneliness. 

This feeling is exasperated in the song’s music video, serendipitously filmed by a videographer Tasch found while scrolling through activities on AirBnB. Presented like a travel vlog, there are scenes of enjoyment and tourist allure, but still something seems missing in Tasch’s expression. It feels as if there is somewhere else he feels he belongs, and no amount of sushi can distract from this longing. Making a brief cameo in the video is Tasch’s friend and collaborator Wallice, who also contributed background vocals to the track.

“Love and Japan” is the third single from Tasch’s upcoming album, Got Him!, out July 28th. Preceded by the release of “Come Onn” and “Holdup”, Got Him! is beginning to take the shape of a debut to remember. Tasch has previously filled the role of guitarist in Bea Miller’s touring band, as well as opened for performances from spill tab, Tiny Habits, and Trevor Hall.   

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