Hip-Hop & Pop Duo Jawn Timeless Make Their Debut, with Playful Energy in “IDKBYK”

Perry Avgerinos

Let us introduce you to a new duo, fusing hip-hop, r&b, pop, and comedy all under one roof. Jawn Timeless – made up of Phin Choukas and Will Thompson III, bridge their friendship through the music they’ve made over the years while at college together, building a community around their art through underground shows and word of mouth. Fast forward to a late night in May 2022, they sat outside after a performance and talked about forming a duo. Jocular somewhat jokingly threw out the name “Jawn Timeless” and moments later, a black fox emerged from the darkness across the courtyard, and then trotted off into the night. The two took that as a sign, and shortly after graduation, they regrouped in Canton, Georgia and formulated Jawn Timeless’ first full length project.

“IDKBYK,” the first single off their debut project, showcases the production prowess from Choukas, who has produced for the likes of Noah Kahan and Hans Williams, with playful synthesizers, and syncopated 808s, complemented by Thompson III’s intriguing vocal tone and delivery. Choukas, who also carries the chorus with his smooth vocal performance, trades off in flows, both balancing an undertone of comedic delivery, and playful energy. Jawn Timeless said of the release, “‘IDYBYK’ is an avenue to confidence for the kids on the outskirts of the dance floor, making it cool to not know where you stand.”

Simultaneously a trickster and a stoic, the Jawn Timeless mascot (a black fox) reveals latent truths about himself that resonate universally. “IDKBYK,” arrives accompanied by a music video as well as jawntimeless.com, a platform which allows fans to communicate with the fox. The fox has already garnered attention on social media through a video posted by Jawn Timeless’ animator. “IDKBYK” is just the start, as the duo prepares to embark on a long run of single releases, culminating in their debut project to come later this year. Watch “IDKBYK” below:

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