The Wisconaut Set Our Hearts Ablaze with Their Latest Music Video

Olive Soki

There is no doubt that, in a world of unlimited streaming options and unique algorithms, it has become increasingly difficult to keep track of new music and media. And the same can be said of the things that are worth being on your radar. So, allow me to lighten your load and point you in the direction of The Wisconaut and the visualizer they’ve released for their stellar single “Can’t Kill a Cowboy.”

Directed by Sam Fisher, the video to “Can’t Kill a Cowboy” mirrors the lonesome, resilient, and mysterious charms found on the track. Featuring a series of long and languid shots, a man engulfed in flames plunging into waters (shot in reverse), and our star staring way over yonder - as all cowboys do - this music video adds a cinematic component to the single, which merely elevates the overall listening experience.

While the Wisconaut feels like a very well guarded secret it does not necessarily mean it always ought to be. Considering their imminent revival, and the chance of new music in the near future, this is the perfect time for any new listeners to plunge head-first into The Wisconaut universe; and never look back.

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