Indie Rock Band Wallows Drop First Single In 2 Years, "Your Apartment"

Ben Wego

After a 2 year hiatus, indie rock band Wallows (the lead singer is Dylan Minette from 13 Reasons Why if you don't know him), is back with a strong single titled “Your Apartment.” The song infuses ear catching upbeat guitar and percussive elements, with influences seen from the alternative greats of the Arctic Monkeys, Phoenix, and The Killers.

“Your Apartment” explores the nostalgia that comes after a breakup, and Minette ponders who could be taking his place in his former lover’s bed. It feels as though Wallows uses an apartment as a symbolic entity representing an ex lover’s heart because of lyrics like, “I wonder who's been at your apartment / Would you give in, or would you relent? / Who's been tryin' to get in your bed?”  

Wallows delivers the classic indie rock band feel on “Your Apartment,” capturing the vigor of a catchy breakup anthem with lyrics that are nostalgic – channeling how a relationship fell sour, and envisioning the contempt that follows.

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